Website Management System

Website Management System (WMS)

Website Management System (WMS) : It is very smart web application for full control and manage your website by yourself. No need any help of website designer/developer. We provide a application (WMS) to clients, Who can manage his/her website by yourself. Clients can change website content, images, matters, logos, sliders very easily.

WMS Features

Website Management System (WMS) is a very smart and intelligent application to manage any type of website without knowledge of web application tools. Customers can manage his/her website by yourself easily. No need any technical knowledge. This application perfect for small company as well as organization also.

  • Customers can create categories
  • Customers can create services section
  • Customers can create product section
  • Customers can insert data on specified category/services/product
  • Customers can easily manage all section easily
  • Insert unlimited photos and text in category/services/product
  • Add, edit and delete facilities
  • Customers can manage data details with text editor
  • Customers can can change colors, text size, text heading etc very easily
  • No need any technical knowlwdge to manage his/her corporate website
  • All data is very secured
  • Any non technical person also can manage his/her corporate website easily

Our Best Price

Website Management System (WMS)


  • - 24/7 Tech Support
  • - More Options
  • - Unlimited Storage
  • - Unlimited Emails
  • - Unlimited Transfer
  • - Website Control By Yourself
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