Web Maintenance Services


Web Maintenance Services

Web Maintenance Services is type of website maintenance service that includes maintaining & updating static & dynamic website as per client requirements at 24X7.

Website is a 24X7 global information desk about business, organizations & individuals. Almost anyone from a common internet user to a prospective client can access this information from anywhere through the world. Therefore it is indispensable that it is running 24X7, performs best for users browsing through it, information provided is correct and fresh and newer elements are added time & again to avoid monotony setting in the minds of the users.

Our Web Maintenance services offer following tasks:

  • Content and Imagery Updates on Existing Web-pages
  • Addition of static & dynamic pages
  • Adding new sections to your website
  • Developing promotional flash movies for on-page display
  • Designing graphic banners, icons and other visuals appeals.
  • Updating News as per client requirements
  • Technical and Customer Support
  • Creating sub domains as per client requirements
  • Upgrading the technology used in your website